• Company’s Vision is to have its own in house fully auto mated processing unit in upcoming 5 years and to enter into another segment of textile which is garmenting sector. The promoters of the company wants to built their own branding in garmenting and they aim to increase sales level to Rs. 500-700 crore form current level of Rs. 43 crore within 5-7 years.
  • As on the date the factory is semi automated and having 60% capacity utilization of its installed capacity and factory is running in 3 shifts. Though the goal of the company is to convert the factory into fully automated with the use of modern technology and to fully utilise its installed capacity.
    Since production will be continued 24*7 there will be decline in fuel cost because non necessity to reheat boiler, which requires coal to get heated, again and again. Besides this there will be increase in revenue, productivity and quality.
  • Current utilization level i,e, 60% also consist job work that means the 60% does not indicate in house utilization. Promoters are aiming to utilize full capacity for in house production. This will require more working capital.
  • Promoters of company also aim to establish garment sector. The company is in planning phase to enter into own designing and manufacturing of readymade Garments. As per their plan, final products would be Kurttis, printed shirts, scarfs and stole. For this sector the company will require Designing team and Distribution equity team. This business line would be developed in phases within upcoming 4-5 years.

    During first phase the company would establish designing team by hiring fashion designers qualified from NIFT. This team will be established at either Ahmadabad or Mumbai. At this stage product will be sold directly customers via outsourcing and promoters will determine the product which is in more demand or which contributes more to the revenue. So that in next phase we can emphasis on that product.

    In next Phase company will either establish its own distribution equity or enter in to a tie up with well established distribution equity. And at this point of time the company will follow cost effective manufacturing policy.
    After the establishing designing and distribution team the company will focus on product branding.

  • Presently the processed and finished cloth is sold to wholesalers of Garment sector. It will help to abolish chain of intermediaries and company can establish direct relation with customer. In consequent upon this there will be definitely increase in profitability of the company.

Capital Requirement

Company is projecting its sale Rs. 500-700 crore. To accomplish this projection it will require capital of Rs. 50-70 crore in forthcoming 5-7 years in different phases. As per the vision of company it will require Rs. 10 Crore in year 2016-17.

Comotitive Advantages

Businex - How we work

The factory is established at owned land and well equipped.

Businex - How we work

Company is having its own vehicle for transportation of goods.

Businex - How we work

Easy availability of raw cloth.

Businex - How we work

Availability of low cost and skilled manpower.

Businex - How we work

Good relationship with buyers and suppliers.

Businex - How we work

The company is one of the well known establishments in the textile processing sector in Jodhpur.


  • One of the major threats is the prices are volatile in this market.
  • Competition from other developing countries.
  • To make balance between price and quality.
  • To balance demand and supply.